Looking for a highly skilled Guitarist, composer and producer?


Session Guitarist

Writing, playing and recording of perfect guitar parts for your music. Everything is taken care of - you will get beautiful and professional sounding recordings for your song. From sublime acoustic tunes played on a marvelous nylon guitar to pounding Rock riffs with that roaring Les Paul sound - almost anything is possible. Got a score and you want me to play the guitar parts - just send me the sheets. Satisfaction guaranteed. $150 per track and song.


I take over the producing duties for your song. I write, record and arrange all the instruments and parts necessary for your song. I coach you in your own playing and/or singing and guide you in the composition process if needed. Depending on the amount of work, prices range between $200 and $500 per song.


Mixing and Mastering

You want that perfect larger than life sound and ample loudness for your track? I mix and master your song and give it that deep and wide space and professional polish that it needs. Mixing and Mastering $100 per track. Mastering only: $50 per track.